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Business Ethics

In the 20 years of our corporate history, we have already turned down quite a few customers and projects. We also needed to explain quite often why we are not using certain services. On this page, we hereby openly declare the things we do not want to do and why we are not using certain products.

In the light of recent events, we refuse any kind of business connections with

  • Russia & Belarus (due to ongoing war & genocide in the Ukraine)
  • China (due to support of Russias war as well as Tibet, HongKong, Uyghur genocide, excluding Taiwan)
  • India (due to support of Russias war)

No participation in military projects

As a general rule, we do not participate in projects that are funded by or primarily intended for use in military applications. There is an unavoidable grey zone for dual-use components but if we find out that our software would end up as part of weapons systems, we are not going to get into business.

No Facebook (no Whatsapp)

We would neither work for Facebook nor do we use any service that is part of the Facebook ecosystem. We are not present on Facebook. We do not pay Facebook for advertising. We do not use Whatsapp to communicate with customers.

No Apple

We are not doing business in the Apple lock-in and DRM ecosystem. We do not develop iOS software. We do not buy Apple products. We do not participate in projects involving Siri.

No Amazon (no AWS, no Alexa)

We do not participate in any further projects involving Amazon proprietary technology. Due to rampant abuse, we drop traffic from many AWS networks. We do not build any further products involving Amazon Alexa skills or AVS. We do not buy from or sell through Amazon.

As little Microsoft as possible (no Azure Cloud, no Skype, no Windows 10)

We are still developing software for the Microsoft Windows platform but we are working on cross-platform support (software running natively under Linux, using Wine or using Reactos) whereever possible. We do not use any Microsoft cloud services. We do not use Skype to communicate with customers. We will not deploy or support Windows 10. We do not participate in projects involving Cortana.

As little Google as possible

We do not build Android devices. We do not participate in projects involving Google-Home.

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